About Me

I am a wellness practitioner, healer and eradicator of stress.

Stress has been described as the black plague of our modern times.  It is estimated that 90% of all doctor's visits are as a result of stress.  Our body and mind is assaulted daily with chemical, emotional and physical stress. 

In my previous and younger life I was a cabinet maker, a carpenter and general contractor.  Because of a genetic misfortune, I lost most of my eyesight and left my construction career and worked in the front office of a radio company for awhile.  I became interested in ways to help people with health and decided to pursue massage therapy.

I acquired my license for massage therapy after graduating from the ASIS school of massage therapy in Prescott, Arizona.  I find it very rewarding helping people.  The quote I use on my sight of "Helping people to enjoy life through better health", is a principle that I firmly believe in.  Good health has many facets.  Regular massage therapy sessions will help in relieving stress, tight muscles and knots, but it is vital that everyone eats as clean as possible, get an adequate amount of sleep and most importantly a peace of mind through positive thoughts and daily prayer and meditation.  Our body has an incredible ability to heal itself and just needs the right environment to do so. 

"Expect Miracles", is an attitude that we need to inculcate in our thoughts without question or doubt and they will happen.

There is a level of trust that is involved in massage therapy and I encourage anyone who is interested in my services to take the opportunity to know me as much as necessary through phone calls, emails, or just come on over and chat for awhile.  No pressure, no obligation. 

I look forward to serving you as a therapist and a friend.